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Home Cook Gift Guide: WalMart Edition

Unsure what to buy for your favorite home cook? Then check out our home cook gift guide! This gift guide lists 13 must-have small kitchen appliances, listed in order from cheapest to most expensive. They are all from WalMart, where there is free 2-day shipping for orders over $35, so you’ll have your kitchen gifts at your door in no time!

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Electric Kettle

I am a huge fan of electric kettles. My electric kettle saves me soooo much time in the kitchen. I use it to boil water for soup, pasta, rice, or anything else you can imagine.

You can read more about why I love electric kettles in my post on kitchen tools that make life easier.

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Spiralizers are so cool. Put in your veggie and boom, out comes long spirals! It makes vegetables so much more fun to eat, which is always a plus when dealing with kids…

Sandwich Maker

What good is a kitchen without a sandwich maker? Sandwich makers are a must for grilled cheese sandwiches. If you are fancy you can use it to make paninis, hashbrowns, and more.

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Popcorn Popper

Does every kitchen need a popcorn popper? No. Does a popcorn popper make your kitchen just a bit more awesome? Definitely!

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MagicBullet blenders are awesome! I absolutely love fruit smoothies, but I hate having to wash out my giant blender afterwards. The MagicBullet solves that problem. It is a single-serve blender that can make you a quick smoothie without all the fuss!

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Deep Fryer

Deep fried = delicious. It’s a fact. You can always deep fry in a pot, but having a deep fryer makes things so much easier and safer. It heats the oil to the proper temperature, has a large frying basket, has a cover to use when frying, and more.

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Air Fryer

Remember what I said about deep fried = awesome? The Air Fryer gives you that same awesome taste, without all the not-so-awesome oil.

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Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a working mama’s dream. Dump your ingredients in the slow cooker before leaving to work, turn it on, and come home to a piping hot dinner. Yummmm.

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Ninja Blender

I mentioned above my love for smoothies, right? And when making a smoothie, you really need a powerful blender. (Unless you are going for the Magic Bullet. Which is awesome in its own right). That’s where the ninja blender comes in. Just pop your frozen fruit in, and your smoothie will be ready in no time!

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Cuisinart Electric Grill

Electric grills are great to get that barbeque you crave when it’s raining out or you are just plain not in the mood of firing up your outdoor gas grill. My family had this Cuisinart Electric Grill for years and years, so I can attest to its quality.

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Instant Pot

Instant pots are all the rage nowadays, and for good reason. While they don’t make cooking dinner “instant,” they do make it a heck of a lot faster. The time you save is totally worth the money you spend on it.

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If you are a coffee lover, then a Keurig is for you.It helps you to brew yourself perfect cups of coffee at home. With all the money you save by not going to Starbucks, you’ll recoup the $90 spent on the Keurig in no time.

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Food Processor

A powerful food processor is essential to any kitchen. This one holds 14 cups, has an extra large feed tube to fit whole fruits and vegetables, and is strong enough to knead bread dough. It comes with a slicing disk, shredding disk, chopping/mixing blade, and dough blade. With all those options, you’ll never need to use a knife or hand grater again!

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Ah, the good ol’ KitchenAid, helping home cooks for as long as it’s been around (why yes, I’m too lazy to look up how long the KitchenAid has been around for. So sue me.) A stand mixer is a huge help for mixing or whipping things that take longer than a minute or so. (Like these whole wheat tahini cookies. They need to be mixed for over a minute in between each addition. That’s a long time standing there mixing if you only have a hand mixer.)

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    What a great list. Being a cook myself, some of these items are must haves for the home cook.

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      Glad you enjoyed my list!

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      Awesome! I hope they enjoy the gifts you are obviously going to be buying them…

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