cartoon image of a bee in a crown and high heels holding a honey spoon
Hi! I’m Bee.

I’m a part-time accountant (boring) and full-time Mommy (sometimes too exciting).

As a mother to three boys and a wife to a fourth, I’ve spent lots of time in the kitchen. Over the years, I went from not knowing how to cook anything (the first time I had to make dinner as a newlywed I called my mother and said, “Ma, I have this chicken sitting on my counter. What am I supposed to do with it?”) to making four-course meals weekly (fish and salads, soup, main, dessert. That’s four courses, right?).

Since I’m lazy and refuse to work hard in the kitchen, I’ve figured out lots of ways to save time and make simple food that tastes great. On Bites ‘N Pieces, I’m going to be sharing some of my hard-earned knowledge with you! Are you excited yet? (You should be.)

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