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Prime Day Picks for the Busy Mom

It’s the most magical time of year – Prime Day! Check out this list of Prime Day picks for the busy Mom to make your life just that much easier.

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Robot Vacuum!

Get 30% off this robot vacuum so you never need to vacuum again!

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Video Doorbell!

Video Doorbell!

This video doorbell is over $100 off. Never wonder who is at the door again!

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Kindle Bundle!

Save 11% on the Kindle essentials bundle so you won’t need to hurt your back carrying tons of heavy books around (which you totally are doing, right?)

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Fancy Curtains!

Get an extra 25% off at checkout on these curtains to instantly dress up any window or room!

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Under Sink Organizer!

Save 20% on this under sink organizer so you can always find whatever cleanser you need!

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Kitchen Scale!

20% off this kitchen scale to measure your ingredients accurately!

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Touch-on Kitchen Sink!

This is so cool! If your hands are dirty or covered in raw chicken grease just touch the faucet with your arm to turn it on! 25% off on Prime Day!

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Pot Lid Holder and Spoon Rest!

Keep your counters clean with this ingenious combination pot lid holder and spoon rest! 20% off on Prime Day!

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Soap Dispenser and Sponge Holder!

34% off this kitchen soap dispenser and sponge holder.

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Bamboo Silverware Organizer!

Organize your silverware drawer to perfection with this expandable bamboo organizer! 32% off!

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Soda Stream!

Make fizzy drinks without spending money or adding tons of sugar! 15% off at checkout!

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Battery Operated Can Opener!

Easily open cans without having to strain! 20% off for Prime Day!

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  1. Savvy

    Thanks for the list! These stuffs are really useful for us busy moms indeed!

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