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Drugstore Mascara, Take Two: essence Lash Princess

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Drugstore mascara is very popular nowadays, and for good reason. It is extremely affordable, and performs as well as, if not better, the higher end counterparts. One of the most popular, and cheapest, drugstore mascaras is essence Lash Princess. Is it as good as everyone makes it out to be? Or should you spend a few dollars more and get something better?

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You know, my blog is only a few months old and this is already the second post I’m writing about mascara. The casual observer might think that I am mascara obsessed; why else would I be writing about drugstore mascara so often in such a short time frame? The casual observer would be wrong, however. I’m not mascara obsessed; if anything, I think mascara is one of the more boring aspects of makeup. I mean, it’s cool that you can make your lashes look much longer and thicker, but there are no fun palettes and techniques and things to try. I just happen to have very strong opinions about the mascaras I’ve tried recently.

(I’m sure you’ve noticed I have strong opinions about a lot of things… )(I’m just a very opinionated person, ok?)(that’s not a bad thing, right?)

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So. Back to the drugstore mascaras. I mean, mascara. Singular. This post is only about one drugstore mascara, the essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. This mascara is extremely highly rated and raved about.

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(Side note, but this just struck me so I have to share – the English language is so strange. In that last sentence, “rated” and “raved” are spelled exactly the same besides for one letter yet are pronounced completely differently. Why is English so complicated…)

essence Lash Princess first impression

(omg it’s driving me crazy not to capitalize the brand name , but it seems like essence does that on purpose, so I am just writing it like they do. It’s really annoying me, though)

I was excited to try this affordable mascara, precisely because it is so affordable but is supposed to be so good. And the first time I used it, I was majorly disappointed. I put on my mascara after all my makeup was completed, then sprayed my setting spray as usual, and the mascara smeared EVERYWHERE. It was a mess. I was seriously thinking about not bothering to try the mascara again, because it was so obviously so bad.

(And before you jump at me and say, “of course it smeared! You sprayed setting spray on top of it, what did you expect?” Um. I expected the mascara not to smear everywhere. I always spray my setting spray last, after mascara, and never had issues with any other mascara.)

So my first impression of the essence Lash Princess mascara was that it was awful and I hated it. I got to thinking, though. The essence Lash Princess mascara is so popular; I had to be missing something. I decided to give it another chance.

It took more than another chance, but I am happy to report that I have figured out how to use it and I actually really like it.

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How to use the essence Lash Princess mascara successfully

When using this particular drugstore mascara, you have to keep in mind that it is smeary. If you know you will be tearing up or rubbing your eyes during the day for whatever reason (whatever reason. I’m not judging, I promise), then this is not the mascara you should be using. But if it is just a regular day, and there are no sad tv shows on that night weddings to go to, then you should not have a problem.

Another thing to do to make sure it doesn’t smear is let it dry for a few seconds after applying it before blinking or moving your eyes or anything. This will allow the mascara to dry and prevent it from smearing all over your perfectly blended eye makeup (we can all dream, right?)

Also, obviously, make sure you powder your undereyes after your concealer and before your mascara. Otherwise you have no hope for a smear-free day.


Ok, so you got this drugstore mascara to work. But why should I bother with it? Why not just use the L’Oréal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lengthening Mascara instead?

Great question, imaginary person!

Here’s the deal. I really, really like how the essence Lash Princess mascara makes my lashes look. They get super long, and thick, and black. And it is so much easier than the L’Oréal tubing mascara because it is only one step (I did tell you all in that post that I am super lazy and don’t like the two-step application…) I do sometimes do two coats of this mascara, but it is still easier because I don’t have to close one side, open the other side, make sure all the white is covered… (no idea what I’m talking about? Click here to see my previous post reviewing the Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara, another drugstore mascara option.)

I also really like the wand on this mascara. It is long and thin, which makes it easier to maneuver in the small eye area. And I like the shape of the bottle, but that is neither here nor there.

So there you have it. Proof that you should never trust first impressions, and also my thoughts on this drugstore mascara.

product grade: A

Take care!


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