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Cheap drugstore foundation – is it any good? Wet ‘n Wild Photo Focus

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Liquid foundation is one of those things that is really scary for a makeup newbie. It seems like something professional makeup artists use, not something a regular person should be using on a daily basis.

Or am I the only one who felt that way? I can’t be, right? I’m not the only one who was terrified of foundation?

(don’t tell me if I’m wrong and everyone is cool with liquid foundation. Allow me to enjoy my delusions that the world shares my incompetence, ok?)

Buxom Cosmetics

Anyway, foundation. When I started getting into makeup seriously a few months ago (after not wearing makeup for years, and even back when I was, only wearing minimal makeup), I wanted nothing to do with liquid foundation. I got a Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder and decided I was good to go.

Of course, that decision lasted for maybe a week. As I continued watching makeup tutorials and reviews, I noticed that everyone was using liquid foundation.

(Ok, everyone being all the beauty gurus, who are basically makeup professionals, but still.)

The repeated exposure wore down my resistance. I would be purchasing a liquid foundation. Gulp.

(What? This was a big step for me, ok?)

(Don’t look at me like that.)

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When it comes to foundation, or any makeup product, you can go either drugstore or high-end. Drugstore is the affordable stuff you would find in CVS, and high end is the crazy overpriced stuff you get at Sephora.

I don’t think I even considered buying a high-end foundation. There is no way I was spending $40 on one little bottle of product, especially since I wouldn’t even be able to tell if it was any good or not.

Drugstore foundation it is.

Off to Ulta I went and looked around for whatever cheap foundations were on sale. I ended up getting a Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation.

My reasoning was I have no idea how to tell what color foundation to get, and since I have a Maybelline Fit Me powder and the color seems to be good (that was a lucky guess), then I’ll just get that same color in the Maybelline liquid foundation. What I didn’t realize was that the color names and numbers between the different Maybelline face products don’t carry over and are not the same. So the Maybelline foundation I bought was a lot pinker (apparently that means “cool toned”) than the pressed powder, even though they were both called the same thing. That’s annoying.

Ole Henriksen

After that I got a few other drugstore foundations. I don’t love or hate any of them. I don’t really know how to tell if a foundation is good or not. The beauty gurus talk about “pore minimizing” and “airbrushed finish” and “doesn’t emphasize texture” but to me that’s all meaningless because their skin is all perfect anyway; of course the foundation looks smooth and flawless on them. Me? I dunno. I have pimples, and acne scars, and all around not flawless skin. It’s pretty hard to make anything look “airbrushed” on my face.

So why do I think I can give a review of the Wet ‘n Wild foundation?

Here’s the thing. I may not be able to tell when I foundation is good, but I can tell when it’s bad by one simple metric: it doesn’t last. And this Wet ‘n Wild foundation doesn’t last. I’ll put it on in the morning, and yay! It covers all the redness and pimples on my face. But when I look in the mirror a few hours later, all that was covered has now been uncovered, if you know what I mean. The foundation just wears off so quickly. And I was so excited for it because it is so hyped up. So many people have it on their favorites lists, and compare it to various high-end foundations, and it’s only like five dollars at the drugstore. I guess I just had crazy high expectations and the foundation really just did not live up to them.

Photo Focus foundation bottle
Photo Focus foundation bottle
Photo Focus foundation cover + applicator
Photo Focus foundation cover + applicator
Photo Focus foundation swatch (soft ivory)
Photo Focus foundation swatch (soft ivory)

(It also has a really, really strong chemical smell.)

(Like, I appreciate that Wet ‘n Wild didn’t add any fragrance, either to keep the total cost down or so as not to add potential skin irritants to the foundation, but the intense chemical smell of it is a bit much.)

(It smells like something you wouldn’t want to go near, let alone smear all over your face.)

(Why are we writing in parentheses, again?)

Would I recommend this drugstore foundation?

No, I would not. Even though it’s so cheap. Spend a few more dollars and get a better, more long-lasting product. Note that I do not know which foundation to recommend, since as I said above, I don’t know how to tell if a foundation is good. Like, my other drugstore foundations last longer than the Wet ‘n Wild Photo Focus, but that’s about all I can say.

Wow, this was a really helpful review…


Product Grade: C

Take Care!

Up next: Chocolate chip cookies for two. Stay tuned!

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